PEI Award

2017 Excellence in Procurement Award

Progorex has been engaged by Nordic Capital since 2010 as part of the team developing and delivering its cross-portfolio initiative, the Nordic Capital Procurement Optimisation (“NCPO”). Working as an active member of the Steering Team, providing category expertise for sourcing of indirect and direct categories and designing and delivering the best practice NCPO Academy. We are proud to be part of the team that in 2017 has won the ‘Excellence in Procurement Award’, a Private Equity International Operational Excellence Award. NCPO is now a sustainable community of professionals working across Nordic Capital’s portfolio companies, creating savings in procurement and building long term competitive advantage through effective sourcing and management of supplier relationships.


Procurement and the Mobile-Revolution

Apps have been booming for personal use for a long time but the use of mobile apps for business also continues to grow. Although the development and upgrades can in some cases be costly for the company (usually only if they are built in the wrong way), mobile apps are becoming a powerful way to conduct many business tasks, including procurement and supply chain functions. Today there are several companies offering a platform that enables employees (not just the procurement department) to compare, shop, and place requests or purchase orders.


But is the mobile market too focused on transactions? Are the pioneers of procurement apps only concentrating on tactical, commoditized procurement, and its associated functional mind-set?


What about strategy, risk management and opportunities? These are a critical part of the sourcing process as well – even more so for a growing number dynamic and mobile category managers and strategic purchasers. Would it not be great to be able to use mobile platforms also for the strategic and more knowledge focused parts of the category management process? While mobile phone solutions are very suitable for quick transactional approvals and supply chain following-ups, the strategic tools could have a place with light travel hardware like tablets and Ultrabooks alike.


So what would an app that would do this need to be like? What would be the key criteria in developing a successful business tool? Three important characteristics come to mind:


  •  Simplicity: The best technology is useless unless it is being put to use. If one cannot convince colleagues and stakeholders to adopt the new technology, it will not serve the process of creating a strategy, managing risks or for example planning a negotiation. So making it simple is key to success and since most business processes are not rocket science that is possible with the right skill set
  • Responsiveness: What fascinates me about mobile apps is their ability to push information to users when on the go. Usage of apps is often associated with being able to update and be updated when we or our stakeholders do not have access to a computer or office. An app should be able to connect the right people with each other to make work more efficient, create stronger bonds and why not fun at the same time. The ability to have people provide input on a strategy on their tablet while on the go is a great opportunity to make the process faster and make better use of peoples time.
  • Quality of output: In today’s world, everybody needs to be a bit of a salesperson, even procurement. When presenting strategies and negotiation plans, the materials need to engage the viewer with a story, vision and clear steps towards the goal. Nothing is more frustrating than a 50 page power point, so concentrate on a single page view. Key stakeholders must be convinced that there is value added from purchasing without having to work too much to understand what is being presented. Apps can facilitate a fast way to generate quality output and share it with the whole organization.


At Progorex we have taken the first steps towards facilitating strategy development with mobile apps. We have developed several tools together with our customers, to serve as easy and effective ways for organising your portfolio, identifying procurement opportunities and planning negotiations. The first run of our technology has received a warm and enthusiastic welcome from all levels in the organization, and we believe that our view on characteristics of a successful procurement tool has something to do with that.


Tickle your interest? If you want to be the next in starting something new and exciting with us, contact us for more details on our interactive procurement apps?





Progorex supports Street Child Africa’s excellent work in Ghana

2014_06_18_21_48_32 (2)

Progorex continues its support for the Street Child Africa charity, now working with Chance For Childhood, which funds the training of unmarried mothers and also kindergarden places for their children enabling them to work. The charity also raises awareness about the 100,000+ homeless street children living in sub-Saharan Africa.

See where the money donates is put to use:



Progorex chosen by Nordic Capital to deliver their procurement academy for the 5th year in succession

Following successful procurement academies in Europe, North America and Asia, over the period 2011-17, Nordic Capital private equity funds have once again chosen Progorex to deliver their leading edge Category Management Academy in Europe for 2018. This is the 8th year in succession and follows outstanding feedback from Nordic Capital’s portfolio companies and Chief Procurement Officers.

The workshops will be available to all [the OR Nordic Capital’s] portfolio companies and are designed to develop their procurement talent and deliver value directly back to their respective businesses.

Additional benefit is derived from networking and identifying categories where collaboration is worthwhile.

For more information contact


Good procurement reaches new audience in Convatec

GOOD-PROCUREMENTProgorex has designed and delivered a series of ‘Good Procurement’ workshops in Europe and America for Convatec. ConvaTec is a global medical products and technologies company, with leading market positions in ostomy care, wound therapeutics, continence and critical care. Aimed at widening understanding of what good procurement is about, the workshops take cross functional teams through 10 steps to drive effective procurement in business areas and categories not normally covered. These include Marketing, Sales, Research and Development, Quality, Human Resources, Web Development and Technical.

Pre-work in advance of the workshop uses Progorex’s web based survey tools to capture categories of interest and actual spend. This information is analysed and presented at the start of the workshop to add context and focus. Teams then develop their approach for each key category, including a full opportunity analysis and savings programme, then the outputs are loaded into the bespoke App for quick and easy reference across the business.

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Progorex delivers Asian supplier management conference with outstanding feedback

asiaProgorex has designed and delivered a 3 day Supplier Management conference in China for 23 participants. The conference focussed on sharing best practice tools for supplier assessment and selection and included a day of supplier visits in the region to put new skills into practice with real live categories.

The conference was delivered in Shanghai, China, and companies represented included Luvata, Britax, Thule, Tokmanni, Europris, SafeRoad, Nefab and Handicare.

Feedback was excellent and another event is planned for later this year.

For more information contact


Street Child Africa

street-child-africa-news“We cannot change their past but we can change their future”
- Sheila Lutchanah – Head of fundraising at Street Child Africa

Having spent a number of years living and working in Africa the Directors of Progorex have seen what an immense difference charities like Street Child Africa can make to the lives of vulnerable children.

Abject poverty, domestic violence and death of a parent are just a few of the reasons that children in Africa find themselves living on the streets.

Street Child Africa was started in Surrey U.K. in 1994 and along with its partners, Street Child Africa supports children in six different African countries:

  • Ghana
  • Mozambique
  • Senegal
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • D.R. of Congo

Street Child Africa offers help and refuge to thousands of children each year; Below are just a few
examples of the work they do:

  • Street Corner Education
  • Drop in Centre Education
  • Vocational Training followed by assistance with finding employment
  • Tools and start up capital to enable those who have taken vocational training to set up their own business
  • Childhood development centre for the children born to street girls and vulnerable women. The girls learn parenting skills whilst their own children are given:
  • Classes in numeracy and literacy
  • A Balanced diet
  • First Aid
  • Immunization

When appropriate Street Child Africa also gives the children an opportunity to be re-united with their families and communities.

Progorex is a proud supporter of Street Child Africa.

For more information on their work, please visit their web site –

Progorex launch 2 minute Toolbox With the ‘CatMan’ animated character

catmanProgorex launch the 2 Minute Toolbox. A full range of 2 minute films that act as a refresher for core procurement tools and techniques. The videos can be stored on a central server for remote access via smartphones, providing on-the-go access to best practice procurement tools.

Aimed at those who have attended our procurement academy the videos are a fun ‘refresher’ and each is only two minutes in length, so quick to review. Initial best practice tools covered include:

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Risk analysis

For more information, or to book an academy place, contact